Photo of Abel Engeda

Abel Engeda

Senior Consultant - Renewable Energy

I have always been passionate about people, animals, plants, and nature in General. I was born in Ethiopia where I spent the first 10 year of my life, growing up I would go to the rural parts of Ethiopia to visit my grandparents during the summer holiday, and these were the best time in my life as I got to see the beauty of nature. That is where I developed a passion for the environment and everyone/everything that is on our planet. As a child growing up I have always thought our planet would be this beautiful forever until I grew up and learnt the impact we have on the planet and how much our carbon footprint is destroying the beautiful place we call home.

When I learned the impact we have on our planet, there was no going back but to do everything I can to help lower our carbon footprint on the planet. That is why I am so happy and proud to be working with PACE (Passionate about clean energy) who have the same vision and value to me.