A dirty past, a clean future.

Both Energy and Recruitment have a dirty past. At PACE we look to challenge the status quo to make what difference we can, however small that may be, to a cleaner future.

We have a vision of a zero carbon energy future, and strive every day to make our small impact on this by linking individuals with businesses where each can in turn make their own difference towards a cleaner future.

We also have a vision for clean recruitment, where people are put first, and relationships are more important than fees.


For us climate change is without doubt one of the scariest issues in the modern world. But we also know that we have all the technology and knowledge to dramatically impact, if not halt this, through clean energy and clean technologies.

At we solely work in sectors and with companies dedicated to accelerating the transition to clean energy, and help them find the talent to achieve this.

We’re not disillusioned, recruitment is recruitment, however through this focus and purpose we believe we can make our own small impact on this huge global issue.


Over the past decade we’ve learnt a lot in recruitment, and done some great work, but always felt there was a better way. A better way to look after staff, care for candidates, and serve clients.

Recruitment is about People, but we’ve all seen profits and growth be put first. At we challenge this and always ask ourselves how we can improve our interactions internally and externally.

Our Values


We are obsessed about our people and creating an environment where everyone has the ability to perform the best work of their lives.

We carry this obsession through to our candidates and clients, looking beyond the job description and salary, treating each person and company as the unique being that they are, in order to find the right people and environments for each to thrive.


The Japanese concept of Ikigai, a reason for being, has been fundamental in the formation of PACE.

We believe that in using our unique recruitment skillsets to accelerate the clean energy transition fulfils a purpose beyond that typical in recruitment.

Linked to our vision statement, this is our ‘why’ and motivates each and every one of us to come to work each day.


We work in a highly results driven environment with some of the highest performers in the industry creating an exhilarating work environment.

Our vision and values drive our behaviours from hiring employees to the clients we work with and is the essential foundation of our business.

Our initiatives

  • We work with a purpose – to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future
  • We promote complete transparency and honesty both internally and externally
  • We strive for continual improvement to give the best service we can give
  • We don’t work with endless databases, instead relying on personal relationships and knowledge to find the right individuals for the right companies.
  • We don’t claim to be the biggest, but we do claim we create a culture and environment for our people to perform the best work of their lives and in turn provide the best service we can.